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An Extensive Range of Techniques and Advanced Strategies for Spinal Conditions

Treatment of Spinal Conditions | Dr Anthony Hammond

Spinal Treatment Options with Dr Hammond

Rheumatologist in Harley Street, West London and St Helier, Jersey.

Dr. Hammond navigates the complexity of spinal conditions with advanced strategies tailored to each patient’s unique needs. While the causes of back pain vary, Dr. Hammond draws upon the expertise of the International Spinal Pain and Interventions Society (IPSIS) to develop a comprehensive approach. Beyond traditional diagnostic methods, he employs accurate diagnostic injections with blocks or provocations to pinpoint the source of pain.

Recognising the limitations of MRI scans, Dr. Hammond emphasises treating the patient, not just the imaging results. From simple cases like a slipped disc or sciatica to more complex scenarios involving multiple contributors, Dr. Hammond adopts a sequential, step-wise process to address each aspect effectively. With a wide array of techniques and technologies at his disposal, patients receive personalised care to alleviate their spinal discomfort.

Common Types of Spinal Conditions

Dr Hammond has extensive knowledge and experience treating the following spinal conditions.

Facet Pain and Sciatica

Dr. Hammond provides tailored treatment options for facet pain and sciatica, including diagnostic procedures and advanced treatments aimed at relieving spinal discomfort.

Neck and Thoracic Pain

Dr. Hammond offers effective treatments for neck pain, whiplash, and brachalgia, utilising specialised diagnostic techniques and safe, highly effective procedures tailored to each patient's needs.

Discogenic Back Pain

A specialist in diagnosing and treating discogenic pain, Dr Hammond offers advanced interventions and orthobiologic treatments to provide relief and improve overall patient outcomes.

Novel Spinal Treatments.

As a pioneer in innovative treatments such as activated plasma injections and stem cell therapies, Dr Hammond can offer advanced options for patients with spinal conditions seeking regenerative solutions.

Discogenic Back Pain - Treatment Options with Dr Hammond

Discogenic pain, a common issue affecting 20-40% of persisting back pain cases, often goes undiagnosed and untreated in typical UK practice.

Dr. Hammond focuses on diagnosing and treating this condition effectively, utilising techniques such as pain provocation discography and advanced interventions or biologic injections. MRI scans can provide some clues but may not fully capture the source of pain.

Dr. Hammond’s published results show promising outcomes for interventional treatments like percutaneous decompression, with a significant percentage of patients experiencing substantial improvement.

For more detailed information, download Dr. Hammond’s white paper on Discogenic Back Pain.

For the Diagnosis and Treatment of Complex Spinal Syndromes, including adhesions and failed Spinal Surgery Syndrome, Dr. Hammond offers advanced procedures such as spinal / epidural endoscopy and endoscopic adhesiolysis. While these techniques face restrictions in UK practice, options like stem cell injections may be preferred. In some cases, referral for treatments like spinal cord stimulation or palliative medical therapy may be necessary.

Novel and Regenerative Spinal Treatments

Dr. Hammond explores the latest advancements in spinal care, offering innovative options for patients seeking regenerative solutions.

Activated Plasma Injections

Utilising concentrated Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (APRP/Arthrex Angel PRP) and Goldic, this cutting-edge treatment harnesses the regenerative potential of the patient’s own blood.

Activated plasma injections provide longer-lasting anti-inflammatory effects and have shown promise in inducing healing and regeneration.

Dr. Hammond collaborates with Prof Mohamad Al-Jumaily, bringing extensive experience from Dubai and the Middle East to offer effective relief for conditions such as chronic slipped discs and spinal stenosis.

Bone Marrow and Fat-derived Stem Cells

As stem cell therapy rapidly evolves, Dr. Hammond explores the potential of using stem cells in discal and spinal problems.

With experience in lipogems (fat-derived stem cells) and bone marrow-derived stem cells, these treatments offer alternative options for orthobiologic treatment, expanding the range of potential targets for spinal syndromes.

Vertebrogenic Pain

Dr. Hammond addresses pain arising from vertebral bones, including osteoporotic fractures and Modic pain.

The introduction of treatments like Intracept by Relievant offers evolving options for difficult-to-treat conditions. Additionally, less common procedures such as Grey Ramus (local sympathetic block) can assist in managing excessively painful osteoporotic fractures.

For more detailed information, download Dr Hammond’s whitepaper on Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy